Science Park Tehnopol celebrated its 15th birthday by opening sculptures of Gates and Jobs


Press release

Science Park Tehnopol

14 September 2018



Science Park Tehnopol celebrated its 15th birthday by opening sculptures of Gates and Jobs


Science Park Tehnopol is celebrating its 15th birthday. To honour the occasion, the life-size bronze sculptures of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, the indisputable pioneers and innovators of the world of technology, were opened on the campus. The sculptures, created by Tauno Kangro, are a gift from Astlanda Ehitus to the science park.


‘We have been partners with Science Park Tehnopol for years and the sculptures are a gift to the family of the park. These men, whose contribution to the world of technology could hardly be underestimated, now inspire new Estonian technology companies to aim high and create innovative new products and services,’ said Kajar Kruus, Member of the Management Board of Astlanda Ehitus.


‘Over the course of 15 years, Tehnopol has developed into a large science campus, where a complete city space with smart solutions is valued and where more than 4,500 people go to work every day. At Tehnopol, technology companies are offered export and innovation supports in addition to modern office spaces,’ said Jaak Raie, CEO of the science park. Raie noted that there are plenty of areas to develop and in terms of real estate, only 30% of the possible construction volume has been developed so far. ‘We can clearly see that ambitious Estonian companies and experienced foreign technology entrepreneurs see the greatest value in this symbiosis of real estate spaces, business services, and the proximity of the university,’ Raie added.


‘During those 15 years, we have developed a complete value chain in cooperation with our partners, from the Prototron fund and the Startup Incubator to the export programmes for medium-sized businesses and innovation services for large enterprises. In other words, we do what we do so that start‑ups in Estonia could develop quickly and so that even small companies would have the ambition to look beyond the domestic market,’ the CEO of Tehnopol explained.