Construction works of a trading centre in Viimsi

Valminud: June 2015 Kasulikku pinda kokku: 12556 m2

Projekti kirjeldus

Construction of a shopping centre with an indoor underground car park in Viimsi. The building is constructed on a shallow foundation. It has a reinforced concrete structure with beams and inserted ceilings, steel roof supports, sandwich panel exterior walls, load-bearing roof and PVC roofing. The facade of the building is covered with wooden ribs, partially glass. The centre is equipped with scissor lifts for loading cargo, a travellator from the car park to the ground floor; there is a cargo lift in the building. There are an underground car park. The technical and public premises servicing the building include a gas boiler plant, a ventilation chamber, a switchboard room, a communications room, and public toilets.