Stage 2 of the construction of the Maarjamõisa medical campus

Valminud: September 2015 Kasulikku pinda kokku: 31 590,1 m2

Projekti kirjeldus

Phase II of the construction of Maarjamõisa Medical Campus of Tartu University Hospital involved the construction of three new buildings (buildings J, K and L) and partial reconstruction of existing buildings (A, F). The purposes of the new buildings are:

-1st floor: utility rooms, cleaning centre, changing rooms and showering facilities for the whole personnel of the hospital, disinfection centre;

Ground floor: pathological autopsy department, HO radiation therapy and the hospital pharmacy;

1st floor: reception and out-patient treatment of the Haematology – Oncology Clinic, ambulatory reception of the Internal Medicine Clinic, retail pharmacy, reception, café and wardrobes;

2nd floor: Eye Clinic, joint lab premises;

 3rd floor: cardiologic surgery, endoscopy and joint lab premises;

4th floor: administration of the Haematology – Oncology Clinic and the Internal Medicine Clinic, and ventilation chambers;

5th–9th floors: ward unit of the HO and the Internal Medicine Clinic, dialysis, pathology lab.

  • ~ 80,000 m3 of dug-out soil
  • ~ 14,000 m3 of reinforced concrete
  • ~ 250,000 kg of lead for blocking out radiation
  • ~ 400 km of weak-current cables
  • ~ 550 km of electric cables
  • ~ 39,500 m² of gross surface area
  • ~ 11,000 lights
  • ~ 2,300 smoke detectors
  • ~ 1,550 doors
  • ~ 520 wall clocks
  • 117 ventilation systems
  • 11 elevators
  • ~ 120 km of various pipes (water, sewerage, heating, cooling, ventilation, high pressure water fog)