Sales information

Nowadays there are a lot of new projects, apartment buildings are sold out when construction is still underway and the house is not even completed. The advantage of this is a wider selection and the opportunity to have a say in how the interior finish of your future home will look like. In order words, sales and purchases are conducted according to a plan. Here you will find information on how to proceed when choosing your home based on a plan, how reservation works, how to formalise a purchase, and other important information that should be taken into account when purchasing real estate.

When purchasing a home in a building under construction

The first step is to meet our sales manager and examine the project and the plans thorough. Since the actual building does not yet exist and thus cannot be visually examined, it is important to familiarise yourself with the project on paper.

If the interest to buy persists, the purchase is formalised in four stages:

When purchasing a ready-made home

A clear advantage of purchasing a ready-made apartment is that you are able to see what you are purchasing. In this case, however, the choice of interior finish has been made for you by somebody else and the selection of vacant apartments might no longer be that good. This is because nowadays more and more great apartments are purchased based on the plans.

If you have familiarised yourself with an apartment and are interested in buying it, the purchase is formalised as follows:

The sale price and its composition:

See the terms of sale under each project for specific information.


When purchasing a new home from us, you do not have to present a valuation report to the bank*.

We will draw up a sales offer accepted by our partner banks for you.


Useful information:

Expenses related to purchasing and formalising a home

The expenses that the buyer needs to take into account when purchasing a home are the notary’s fee and state fee.

These expenses are not included in the purchase price.

Both the notary’s fee and state fee depend on the value of the property purchased. See also: THE NOTARY FEES ACTand THE STATE FEES ACT.

When a real right contract is entered into, a state fee will be paid for entering the new owner into the land register.

SEB Bank has a tool for calculating notary’s fees and state fees. The tool can be found here.

All expenses related to the seller’s mortgage and its cancellation shall be paid by the seller.