Locations for different tastes

There are as many different tastes and as there are people. Astlanda aims to offer its clients home locations that are as varied as possible: on the slopes of Lasnamäe, under the pine trees of Nõmme, on the foothill of Toompea, and in the quiet alleys of Tallinn City Centre.

Well-weighed solutions

Logical and convenient apartment plans are an important criterion already in the process of selecting the architect. Even the smallest of our apartments have rooms that are big enough to relieve you of the worry of having to figure out how to fit a bed in it. If the surroundings permit, the apartments feature a balcony or a terrace.

Solid constructions

We use concrete panels as structural elements. The three-layered insulated panels of the external walls help to meet the requirements of energy efficiency. The concrete in the partition walls of the apartments ensures soundproofness – no Astlanda building has plaster walls between neighbouring apartments! Needless to say, concrete constructions ensure better fire safety.

Experienced builders

While Astlanda is a young company, the average professional experience of our project managers is over 15 years. This is an asset that is worth sharing with younger colleagues who have graduated just a few years ago.

Contacts of our team.

High quality

The professionalism of those we have come to view as our partners over the years, along with the knowledge and experience of our construction managers with regard to the coordination of works and adherence to quality requirements, ensure the quality of our construction. All works are performed under rigorous monitoring by professional supervisors. Our construction activities are in compliance with internationally recognised quality, environmental and occupational safety standards.

Overview of works completed by Astlanda Ehitus this far

Property management

Once the dwelling is completed, the developer will take care of finding a manager for the building. A contest will be held to select the manager. Only property management that are recognised by the Association of Estonian Facilities Administrators and Maintainers (EKHHL) and adhere to the Estonian standard EVS 807 on the maintenance of real estate, and the Code of Good Practice of the EKHHL, participate in this contest.

As a result of the contest, the property management company with the best price and quality of service will be chosen. A contract of administration will be concluded with the company. The term of the contract is one year.

The contract of administration will stipulate the property management company’s obligations with regard to maintaining the building in a serviceable condition and ensuring that the surroundings of the building are taken care of. The common affairs related to the utilisation of the property of apartment owners shall be conducted based on the Apartment Ownership Act and the fulfilment of statutory obligations by the administrator in the framework of the management plan approved with the contract of administration.

When the year has passed, the new apartment owners can decide at a general meeting whether to maintain relations with the property management company or select a new one.